Buku Bahasa Inggris Kelas X

Developing English Competencies for Grade X is designed to facilitate you, students of senior high school (SMA/MA), to communicate in English according to the context of the language use. Developing English Competencies for Grade X enables you to access information of various fields of science to prepare you to go to university. English learning in Developing English Competencies for Grade X is based on literacy based approach so you can get many learning experiences by considering the aspects of interpretation, convention, collaboration, cultural knowledge, problem solving, reflection and language use. In Developing English Competencies for Grade X, there are many activities available for you to do individually or with other students.

These activities explore your creativity. You are expected to be skillful in doing the exercises, acting out dialogues, constructing sentences or texts and the other activities that facilitate you to be skillful in using English in communication.

Buku teks pelajaran ini telah dinilai oleh Badan Standar Nasional Pendidikan dan telah ditetapkan sebagai buku teks pelajaran yang memenuhi syarat kelayakan untuk digunakan dalam proses pembelajaran melalui Peraturan Menteri Pendidikan Nasional Nomor 34 Tahun 2008.

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