Buku Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11 SMA PDF

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Buku Bahasa Inggris Kelas XI SMA
Buku Bahasa Inggris Kelas XI SMA

This textbook has been assessed by the National Education Standards Agency and has been established as a textbook that meets the eligibility requirements for use in the learning process through Minister of National Education Regulation No. 69 of 2008.

We express our highest appreciation to the authors / publishers who has deigned to transfer the copyrights of his work to the Ministry of National Education for wide use by students and teachers throughout Indonesia. Textbooks that have been transferred to the Ministry of National Education copyright, can be downloaded (down loaded), duplicated, printed, transferred, or photocopied by the community. However, for multiplication of a commercial price the sales price must meet the conditions set by the Government.

It is hoped that this textbook will be more accessible so students and teachers throughout Indonesia as well as Indonesian schools abroad can take advantage of this learning resource. We hope that all parties can support this policy. We congratulate the students on learning and make the most of this book. We realize that this book still needs to be upgraded. Therefore, suggestions and criticisms are we expected.


  • Responding to expressions for giving and asking for opinion
  • giving responding to expressions of satisfaction and dissatisfaction
  • Responding to report texts


  • Expressing giving and asking for opinion
  • Expressing satisfaction and dissatisfaction
  • Retelling a report text


  • Reading report texts
  • Identifying banners


  • Writing posters or pamphlets
  • Writing a report text

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